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Technology for Literacy Tutoring

For Literacy Tutoring Sessions, the Learner will need:

  • Zoom account

  • laptop/computer

  • 2nd device that can connect to the laptop/computer and serve as a document camera (webcam with stand, cellphone/tablet with stand, tablet with stylus and white board app)

  • whiteboard /marker or digital whiteboard app

  • on occasion printed handouts, pencil and eraser


Laptop/Computer - The Learner will login to the tutoring session via Zoom on a laptop/computer.  This is where the learner will see the tutor and tutor's screen.  Screen size and sound are important so the learner can hear and see the tutor well.  The built in webcam/microphone are also important so the tutor can see and hear the learner as they speak.

Additional Connected Device to Use as a Document Camera - An additional device connected to the laptop/computer serves as a document camera/digital whiteboard that can selected as a screen to share in Zoom so the tutor can see the learner's writing as they write.


Screenshot Zoom Share.png

Additional Connected Device

In Zoom, when the additional device is connect to the laptop or computer and the learner clicks on screen share, they need to be able to select the connected device (cellphone, tablet, webcam, document camera).

Sharing the connected device via screen share in Zoom needs to show the writing surface (whiteboard/paper or digital white board) on the computer/laptop in real time as the learner is writing. 

Cellphone with a Stand 

This is an example using a Mac laptop, iphone, cellphone stand, whiteboard, and whiteboard marker.


Tablet with a Stylus

This is an example with a Mac laptop, iPad, and an apple pen.

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