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My Story

I spent 20 years in K-12 education as a library media specialist, teacher, instructional coach, curriculum specialist, and school board member. I loved empowering teachers and instructional leaders to increase their impact on student learning.

I shifted gears so I could better support the needs of my own three amazing neurodiverse children. All three of my children have ADHD; two are also dyslexic.

I also have ADHD & dyslexia. I was diagnosed with both as an adult, following the diagnosis of my children.  

I am a learner, educator, leader, coach, and consultant. Now, I use everything I learned as a parent, educator, and instructional leader to empower others.

I can't wait to connect with you and learn about your next step!

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My Mission

through continued learning, experience, and service - is to increase awareness of brain science while cultivating curiosity, compassion, empathy, and informed action to empower others - including individuals with ADHD and dyslexia. ​



Literacy Tutoring

Improve word reading, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and writing

- at any age.


ADHD & Life Coaching

Clarify goals, increase awareness, and take action.


Educational Consulting

Expertise in literacy, leadership, and systems.

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